Audrey Lachance is an abstract artist who stands out in the Quebec artistic sphere for her unique, modern and vibrant style.

Self-taught artist, she finds her inspiration in the landscapes that enchant her around the globe, as well as in the energy felt on a daily basis. Audrey takes pleasure in marrying colors to the rhythm of her travel memories and her inspirations. She concludes her paintings with her flowing lines which offer a second look at her art and which have become the distinctive signature of her style.

Having a Lachance artwork is granting yourself a fulfilling experience in your living space.

Audrey Lachance paints mainly on canvas, but also offers reproductions, thus allowing her collectors a second perspective on the details of her works.

The artworks of this Quebec artist are now collected worldwide and stand out for its characteristic style. One line at a time, she creates the movement that inspires her.


- Partership with Muraluxe, Artist Collection - 2022

- Singles Cover art of Alexandre Guilbault, piano's composition - 2022

- 4 tips for selecting an artistic work , The Piece - June 2020

- Artist ambassador Hachem - February 2020

- The most beautiful illustrations as gifts, Journal Metro - November 2019

- Solo exhibition at Le Pavillon bistro - April 2019

- Donation to the Quebec Cancer Foundation

- Donation to the Canadian Cancer Society