Audrey Lachance is a Quebec artist who finds her inspiration mainly in nature and the environment that surrounds her. Movements have a great influence on these works, such as water or smoke, thus adding the clean energy to its style.

In addition, Audrey produces her works on canvas using acrylic and oil. Each of these paintings is varnished, creating depth and texture, especially as light reflects off them, catching the eye of the viewer. A work of art by Audrey Lachance will certainly bring a contemporary touch to its place of exhibition. Thus, her works are distinguished by its unique abstract style and his way of working the lines.

In addition, Audrey Lachance is now offering a limited series of reproduction. In this way, she offers her collectors a second perspective on the details of her works. It is therefore a beneficial solution for the wallet, while maintaining the fine art quality of the product.

The works of this Quebec artist are now sold internationally and stand out for their characteristic style. One line at a time, she creates the movement that inspires her.


- 4 tips for selecting an artistic work , The Piece - June 2020

- Artist ambassador Hashem - February 2020

- The most beautiful illustrations as gifts, Journal Metro - November 2019

- Solo exhibition at Le Pavillon bistro - April 2019

- Donation to the Quebec Cancer Foundation

- Donation to the Canadian Cancer Society